New Machining Centre at the MF Group

New Machining Centre at the MF Group

The MF Group has taken delivery and installation of a new Machining Centre


A large capacity and High Speed Spindle increase the machining capabilities of the MF Group; further adding to the services we can offer. Located at our Askeys site the HAAS VF12 fits perfectly into the Machining Centre range already in Production.

Here are a few key features of the VF12 Machining Centre: -

  •  Large Capacity - 3800mm x 810mm x 760mm
  •  High Speed Spindle - 15,000 rpm; Perfect for an array of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous materials
  •  Renishaw Probing - Accurate setting of parts and in-operation Inspection
  •  Renishaw Tool Pre-setter - Accurate Tool Length and Radius setting; Tool wear detection
  •  High Pressure through Spindle Coolant

Please visit our contacts page here should you have any requirements or if you wish to know more about the range of Services the MF Group can offer, please visit here.

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